Hei āwhina i ngā tōpūtanga

Help for organisations

Change the face of conflict in your organisation

In any organisation, industry or profession where there are people, there's the potential for conflict.

Whether the conflict happens between employees, or involves clients and customers, if not well managed the negative impacts quickly build up. Dealing with conflict is time consuming and stressful - and can be very expensive, especially if lawyers get involved.

But there are proactive, collaborative and cost-effective ways to deal with workplace conflict.

At Fair Way, we're the experts in dispute resolution, it's in our name as 'kia tau' means 'to settle, to resolve, to calm'. Our job is to resolve stressful situations - or teach you to do it yourself.

For more than 20 years, Kiwi organisations have partnered with us to prevent and manage conflict. We provide a range of services, growing your internal capability and confidence to tackle issues early, to resolving disputes and providing independent, third-party support.

Whether you want to create organisational change around having challenging conversations, or if you have a dispute to be resolved, we're here to help you, your people and your customers.