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Our name, ‘kia tau’, means ‘to settle, to resolve, to calm’. Each day, we help New Zealanders to work through the situations that are keeping them up at night. If you are experiencing conflict of any nature, get in touch.

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  • Whatever is stressing you, even if you can’t find your exact issue on our website, there’s a very high chance we can help. If not, we’ll point you in the right direction. So, please call us and have a chat with our friendly and knowledgeable team – or email us and we’ll respond ASAP.

    We love our job because we make a difference for New Zealanders every day. Every day we support businesses, families and consumers through our range of services, led by Aotearoa New Zealand’s dispute resolution experts – our Fair Way facilitators, mediators, adjudicators and arbitrators.

    We resolve issues. We educate and innovate. We create the calm you are looking for. We find the Fair Way through.

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At Fair Way, we are experts in dispute resolution. We have a team of professionals across Aotearoa New Zealand who can help you navigate challenging conversations. We offer a fast and independent service so you can resolve private disputes quickly – and move on with your life.

Our team are experienced and accredited by a professional body, such as the Arbitrators’ and Mediators’ Institute of New Zealand (AMINZ), the Resolution Institute or the NZ Law Society. Many also have legal qualifications. Depending on your needs and situation, we can recommend the best fit for you.

You can chat to our team by phoning 0800 77 44 08, emailing us at or sending us a message online.