We are the ACC dispute resolution experts

Injuries are stressful – managing a dispute about how your injury is handled is even more stressful. That’s why we’re here. 

At Fair Way, we have provided independent dispute resolution services to ACC and its customers for more than 20 years. We are totally impartial – we work alongside you to resolve your issues with ACC or we take a fresh look at your decision from a neutral perspective. Once we receive all the case details, Fair Way will be in touch within a week. 

Resolving disputes is in our name – ‘kia tau’ means ‘to settle, to resolve, to calm’. Every case is different, so for immediate support you can contact us to discuss how we can work with you to resolve or review your ACC issue. 

You can request to use either our conciliation pathway or our review pathway. Conciliation can be a great way to reach an agreement quickly.  Reviews are useful if you need someone independent to take a fresh look at your claim. Our service is free for both pathways. Talk to our friendly team to see which pathway might be best for you. 

  • Conciliation pathway

    We help you resolve issues together by appointing one of our independent conciliators to support you to explore your issues and options with ACC.

  • Review pathway

    We look into ACC’s decision on your claim. One of our independent reviewers considers your case and decides to reject or uphold ACC’s position.

  • Fair Way are the experts – whatever the issue, wherever you are 

    We offer a large team of highly skilled and experienced conciliators and reviewers. They are based all around Aotearoa New Zealand. 

    Almost 3,000 Kiwis use our ACC services each year, so we have seen every kind of claim and dealt with all kinds of issues. Our reviewers and conciliators know the ACC scheme and legislation inside out. Whatever your issue, they can provide a review or conciliation service.

    Examples of people who come to Fair Way for an ACC review hearing include: 
    •    injured people who are unhappy with a decision made by ACC
    •    employers challenging cover for a work injury
    •    injured people (or their representative) who believe there’s been an unreasonable delay in making a decision
    •    a levy payer disagreeing with the classification of their levy.

    We understand that disputes are stressful and finding a resolution may sometimes seem unlikely. However, our vast experience and expertise result in quick outcomes for nearly all our clients.

  • We work with you each step of the way

    The Fair Way team is here to answer all your questions and guide you through the ACC dispute resolution process.

    Once we get the details of your ACC dispute, we appoint a dedicated Fair Way Resolution Coordinator to support you along the way. They work alongside your reviewer or conciliator to make arrangements. They’ll keep in touch with you, letting you know what to expect at each step, and answering your questions. 

    Everything we do is about making it as quick and easy as possible for you to reach a resolution with ACC or to find closure through an independent review.

    To ask questions or get started, contact our friendly team on 0800 77 44 14 or