Getting ready

Preparing for your ACC review hearing

The better prepared you are, the better your ACC review is likely to go. Here are some ideas to help you prepare.

  • Gather as many details as you can

    Our Fair Way reviewer needs to know as much as possible about what happened to you and what your injuries are, so think about what documents or evidence might be useful.  

    Gather all:
    •    evidence or documents about your injury, or the issue in dispute (such your levy)
    •    reports from medical practitioners or people who treated you
    •    any relevant notes or records about the injury event or medical interactions since the injury and initial treatment. 

    You can discuss what types of information might be useful with your Resolution Coordinator or with the reviewer during the case conference, which is held ahead of the hearing. This information can be submitted to Fair Way online. You and ACC will receive copies of all information provided. 

  • Make a submission

    You can also make a submission to support your review application. This is an opportunity to share your perspective and add details to support your review application.

    Your submissions can be written ahead of time and presented at the review hearing, or you are welcome to read out your submission, or give a spoken submission at the hearing.

    Our online submission builder guides you through the process of preparing a submission.

  • Confirm who’s coming to the hearing

    Think about who you would like to attend the hearing. Anyone who is directly involved can attend the hearing, including:

    • you
    • your legal representative
    • a support person or family member
    • interpreters.

    If they will present evidence at your review, please let the reviewer and other parties know at the case conference.

    As well as your reviewer, other people there on the day could include:

    • an ACC representative
    • your employer and/or their representative (if it’s a work injury)
    • an observer from Fair Way, if all parties agree.

    Fair Way review hearings are not open to the public.

  • Note down what you want to say

    Take some time before the review hearing to note the points you want to get across on the day of the review.

    It’s useful to include:

    • what happened
    • when it happened
    • how you have been impacted by this injury, or this situation
    • why you think ACC should accept your claim
    • any new evidence to support your application
    • what you would like to happen to fix this.
  • Get familiar with Zoom

    If you aren’t familiar with using Zoom, it’s a good idea to download and install Zoom well before your case conference or review hearing.

    This gives you a chance to practise logging in and making sure your internet, camera, microphone, speakers or headset are all working. No-one needs the added stress of technical glitches on the day of the hearing.

  • Changing or withdrawing your review

    Let your reviewer know as soon as possible if your plans about your ACC review change.

    Hearing date delays – If your circumstances change and you can’t make the review date – for example, due to a family bereavement – you can request for the review to be postponed. Not all requests are granted, so explain clearly to the reviewer why you can’t attend and when you are next available.

    Withdrawing your review – If you want to withdraw from the ACC review process, please let us know in writing. You can decide to withdraw at any time, and you don’t need to give ACC or us a reason.  

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