What can you expect?

Here are some of things we'll talk to you about during the Family Dispute Resolution process

We understand this is a really stressful time and you have a lot to manage. Rest assured that Fair Way’s team of Family Dispute Resolution Coordinators will guide you through the process outlined below.

What to expect

  • Online form

    Register online

    Your coordinator may ask you to fill out an online form so we can understand what you hope to achieve at mediation.

    The form can take some time to complete and you do need specific information on hand, so we recommend you speak to us before starting this form. If, at any point, you’d rather give us the details over the phone, don’t hesitate. Call us on 0800 77 44 20.

  • Specialty

    Check and apply for funding

    FDR mediation, Preparation for Mediation and Voice of Child Specialists are free of charge if you qualify for government funding.

    Your coordinator will talk to you about costs and see if you are eligible for a fully funded service. You can check this yourself using funding table on the Ministry of Justice website.

    If eligible, you can use this form to apply for a free service and send it to fdr@fairwayresolution.com.

    If you do not qualify for full funding, you will still be able to access FDR (mediation, Preparation for Mediation and Voice of Child Specialists) at a subsidised cost of $448.50 per person including GST.

  • Your choices

    Your needs

    We then talk to you about your situation and your needs for the mediation. If you have any special requirements, let us know as soon as possible so we can make suitable arrangements.

    For example, you may like us to:

    • provide relay or interpreter services
    • meet religious requirements
    • recommend venues that meet mobility needs
    • conduct the mediation in a way that supports vision or hearing problems
    • adopt a tikanga-based approach to mediation.

    At this point the coordinator involves the other parties (parents, caregivers, whānau) in the process, checking if they have special requirements.

  • Your people

    Choosing a mediator

    Our mediators are highly trained and accredited as specialist family mediators. We have more than 80 mediators all around the country. You can read about our mediators on our website, then choose one who’s local to you and will suit your needs. Your coordinator can help.

    You and others in the dispute must agree on the mediator. Your coordinator works with everyone to reach agreement.

  • Locations

    Mediation arrangements

    Your coordinator connects with you all to arrange a date and time for your joint mediation meeting where everyone can come together. We arrange the venue in a suitable location near you, or it could be online using Zoom.

    This session is often scheduled around 4 to 6 weeks ahead of this point, unless you tell us you need it sooner.

  • Conference

    Meeting your mediator

    Your mediator will also get in touch to arrange the first meeting. This is when each party meets the mediator individually, before the mediation begins. This could be by phone, online or in person.

    The mediator discusses the mediation process and may recommend some extra steps to help you get ready for the mediation.

  • Separation and shared property

    We can also help create a separation agreement or shared property arrangement. For more information, view our Relationship property page.