Your customers and stakeholders

Complaint and dispute services

It’s well known that dissatisfied customers tell far more people about a bad experience than happy customers share a great experience. That’s why it’s good business to listen to feedback when customers find their experience lacking.

And then – crucially – you must manage and address their complaints quickly and with respect. Their feedback is valuable and can give you enormous insights into how you can better run your business.

Taking action and putting it right also restores your reputation and creates trust in your organisation. Of course, ignoring complaints and doing nothing destroys both. 

At Fair Way, we are the experts in dispute resolution. We have enormous experience supporting organisation to manage complaints and conflict effectively.

We have a wide range of services to support you and your business. They include improving your complaint management systems so you can deal with dissatisfaction early, right up to offering dispute resolution services if a complaint escalates. It’s all aimed at saving you time and money, your reputation and – that most invaluable commodity – customer loyalty.


  • Training

    Build your team’s ability and confidence to handle complaints

  • Resolution

    Conflict resolution for disputes and complaints

  • Dispute resolution schemes

    Independent dispute resolution schemes reassure customers

  • Design and review

    Enhance your internal complaints processes