Transitional housing

Resolve disputes about transitional housing accommodation

Fair Way's Independent Dispute Resolution Service (IDRS) is here to support whānau and their housing provider when disputes arise.

About IDRS

Fair Way provides an Independent Dispute Resolution Service (IDRS) for transitional housing accommodation issues.

The IDRS is a process to address issues between households and their housing providers when you can’t work it out together directly. 

If your household raises an issue with your housing provider and you have not been able to find an acceptable solution for both parties, you can talk to IDRS.

You can find out more about our dispute resolution options below.

What IDRS can help with

The IDRS can help if you have a complaint about a breach of your Housing Agreement. 

We can help in two ways. The first step is mediation, helping you talk about the issues and find a solution together. If you can’t agree through mediation, our next step is to make an independent decision on the matter for you.

How we can help

  • Mediation

    Find a way forward together

    An independent mediator supports you to explore the issues and options.

    For example, they can help you to agree on a solution to resolve the complaint together. 

  • Adjudication

    We make an independent decision

    An expert weighs up all the information and makes a decision on the matter.

    For example, they can consider whether the terms of a Housing Agreement have been breached or if a rule of stay is valid or not. 

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