About the LARS panel of mediators

The mediators appointed to Fair Way’s LARS panel are all assessed and selected as having the skills and experience for the work. A list of our LARS mediators is below.

All the mediators are accredited through the Arbitrators’ and Mediators’ Institute of New Zealand (AMINZ), the Resolution Institute, or the New Zealand Law Society. They have experience with the Public Works Act 1981 and, more importantly, they are highly experienced mediators who can navigate the complexities of disputes in a safe and productive way. You can trust they have the right skills and expertise to help resolve your issue. 

Choosing a mediator

Before mediation can take place, parties first agree to mediate, then a mediator is chosen. To make this process quicker, the Crown has pre-agreed to the use of all mediators on Fair Way's LARS panel. This means landowners can choose any mediator from this carefully selected list. All mediators can travel, so choose the most appropriate person for your needs. 

We’re very happy to recommend a mediator we believe will suit your situation – just ask if you want help.

Meet the LARS mediation team

  • Anita Killeen

    Auckland - Barrister and mediator (AMINZ)

    Anita is a mediation specialist, having trained in London and in New Zealand, with specific knowledge of property issues. She’s an accredited mediator and an Associate Member of AMINZ. She’s the former Chief Prosecutor of the Serious Fraud Office and was involved in hundreds of mortgage fraud and property-based prosecutions.

    In her mediation practice, she has particular expertise in resolving financial and commercial disputes and also has experience in mediating ACC, medico-legal, employment, property, trusts and estates, insurance and rent disputes. In addition to private mediation work, Anita serves on a variety of mediation panels for the following organisations: AMINZ, the Independent Complaints Review Authority, the Commission for Financial Capability, Financial Services Complaints Ltd, Fair Way and Netsafe.

    Meet the Mediator - Anita Killeen

  • Baden Vertongen

    Wellington - Lawyer and mediator (FAMINZ (Med))

    Baden is the Tumuaki Tāne (Co-President) of Te Hunga Roia Māori o Aotearoa/ Māori Law Society and a mediation specialist. He holds current accreditation as an RMA Commissioner. His practice areas for mediation include Māori land, contract disputes, farm debt, and employment, and his legal practice has extended to Treaty of Waitangi claims and settlement negotiations (including the resolution of overlapping claims and internal mandate disputes).

    Meet the Mediator - Baden Vertongen

  • Bill Rainey

    Nelson - Barrister and mediator (AMINZ)

    Bill is a mediator with more than 40 years’ experience, with a particular focus on commercial, property and environmental disputes. He’s an Independent Hearings Commissioner (RMA) and he co-authored the ADR section of DSL Environmental Law Handbook. He regularly presents at industry conferences on current dispute resolution practice.

    Meet the Mediator - Bill Rainey

  • David Abbott

    Auckland - Lawyer and mediator (AMINZ)

    David is a retired Associate Judge of the High Court with a particular interest in mediation, including extensive experience in judicial mediation conferences. These included multi-party disputes and conflicting interests.

  • Denise Evans

    Wellington - Lawyer and mediator (Fellow of AMINZ)

    Denise is a mediation expert, with a passion for developing innovative mediation practices in New Zealand, including through speaking, publishing and teaching. She’s been involved in the rural sector for generations and her practice includes construction and development dispute resolution.

  • Frances Linde

    Tauranga - Enrolled barrister and solicitor, mediator (AMINZ), and Resolution Practitioner at Fair Way

    Frances is an employed practitioner with Fair Way specialising in ACC appeals and facilitations as well as commercial and construction disputes (including as adjudicator under the Construction Contracts Act). She has previously dealt with land acquisition matters as counsel.

    Meet the Mediator - Frances Linde

  • Glenn Jones

    Christchurch - Barrister and mediator (AMINZ)

    Glenn is an experienced commercial mediator and barrister with previous experience in litigating compulsory acquisition cases under the Public Works Act. He’s also a facilitator/mediator for Greater Christchurch Claims Resolution Service.

    Meet the Mediator - Glenn Jones

  • Jenni-Maree Trotman

    Auckland - Barrister and mediator (BA. LLM. AMINZ)

    Jenni-Maree has extensive legal and mediation experience.  She operates as a Barrister, Mediator, Arbitrator and Workplace Investigator, throughout New Zealand and is accredited as an Associate Member of AMINZ and is an Authorised Farm Debt Mediator. Jenni-Maree has assisted parties on a wide range of civil and commercial matters, property disputes, employment, estate litigation, insolvency and bankruptcy, and construction disputes including leaky building disputes.  She was a Member of the Employment Relations Authority from March 2017 until September 2020. 

    Meet the Mediator - Jenni-Maree Trotman

  • John Larmer

    Taranaki - Valuer and mediator (AMINZ)

    John is a land professional with both valuation and dispute resolution expertise. His wide ranging land compensation experience is as a valuer, a consultant, and a mediator or conciliator, as well as having expertise in gasline/powerline easement valuation and injurious affection assessment on rural land. John has been President of both NZIV and AMINZ; has served on the Valuers Registration Board and as an Additional Member of the High Court for compensation cases; is an accredited farm debt mediator; was the initial Chair of the National Panel of Conciliators; and is currently on the AMINZ Arbitration Panel. John has previously completed work on land compensation matters for LINZ. He has found evaluative mediation or conciliation to be highly effective in reconciling differing expert opinions especially in relation to land or valuation issues.

    Meet the mediator - John Larmer

  • Ken Fletcher

    Christchurch - Mediator and facilitator (AMINZ and Resolution Institute)

    Ken is an experienced mediator with a background as an economist, an Environment Court Commissioner, and an Independent RMA Commissioner.  He is on the AMINZ Rural, Environment and Farm Debt mediation panels. He did extensive earthquake related mediation and was on the mediation panels for the Residential Advisory Service (RAS) and EQC mediation services.

    Meet the mediator - Ken Fletcher

  • Nic Scampion

    Auckland - Barrister, Mediator (BSc (Hons), Inner Temple (London), CEDR, AMINZ)

    Nic is a barrister and mediator, practising from Shortland Chambers in Auckland. He trained and practised in London, then in New Zealand, and mediates civil disputes, including financial, commercial, property, construction, and trust disputes. He is experienced in property and land acquisition cases. Nic regularly presents at legal industry conferences, presenting on mediation, dispute resolution practice, and advocacy, and is a member of AMINZ and the Resolution Institute. He is on national mediation panels, including with MBIE, the Land Acquisition Resolution Service, and AMINZ. Nic is an associate member of Tanfield Chambers in London.

    Meet the Mediator - Nic Scampion

  • Wi Pere Mita

    Auckland - Barrister, solicitor and mediator (Resolution Institute)

    Wi Pere is a mediation trainer and practitioner. He has specialist tikanga knowledge which he uses in his mediation practice. He has acted as counsel on matters before the Waitangi Tribunal and Māori Land Court, including disputes under the Public Works Act. He also has experience with leading and facilitating Crown/Iwi negotiations.