Keep building projects moving forward with mediation

Misunderstandings between homeowners and contractors can create disputes during building projects. 

If you can’t agree a way forward, our Fair Way mediation process could be a good choice if everyone agrees to take part.

Our highly experienced mediators help you keep talking so you reach a shared understanding and agreed resolution. Our panel of independent mediators fully understand building projects, and building and construction law, and are ready and willing to help you.

How it works

  • Get in touch

    Tell us about your situation and find out how we can help.

    Phone: 0800 77 44 02


    Online: webform

    We discuss your situation, talk about the dispute resolution options, and give you an indication of the fee based on your information.

    We then contact the other party to begin the process of engaging them in the mediation.

    Once both sides are ready and agree to mediation, we recommend some of our skilled and qualified mediators for you both to choose from.

    Get in touch Process
  • Individual meeting

    After your mediator is appointed, they get in touch to arrange a time where each party can meet them individually. You discuss your situation and the next steps.

  • Prepare (optional)

    You can arrange an optional short session with an independent professional to help you prepare for mediation. This helps you sort through the issues and what you want to say.

    Prepare process
  • Joint meeting

    Your mediator leads the meeting and helps you explore the issues, perspectives and solutions. The aim is to find a lasting agreement that works for everyone.

    Conciliation Mediation

Mediation with Fair Way

  • Why use Fair Way?

    At Fair Way, we are the experts in dispute resolution. We have a team of professionals across Aotearoa New Zealand who can help you navigate building disputes and the challenging conversations needed so you can move forward.

    We offer a fast and independent service so you can resolve disputes quickly. With the help of one of our experts, you and others involved may reach a confidential agreement within a few weeks of getting in touch with us.

  • How does it work?

    Mediation is about resolving issues through conversation.

    Our mediators help resolve disputes by providing a process for navigating the issues and the options for resolution. A skilled mediator supports you and the others involved to reach agreement together.

    They encourage you to understand each other’s perspectives, talk through the issues, identify mutual interests, develop realistic options, and agree on a solution.

  • How much does it cost?

    Before you commit to mediation, we will quote a fixed fee in most circumstances. If the case is something a fixed fee might not cover, we tell you the likely costs ahead of time.

    Depending on your situation, sometimes one party agrees to cover the dispute resolution costs, or the costs can be shared between the parties.

  • How long is it?

    When you contact us, we begin engaging the other party, appointing a mediator, and agreeing a mediation time, date and venue. It usually takes around one to two weeks to complete these steps. It can happen more quickly if everyone is ready to fully participate.

    Mediation sessions are usually scheduled for a half-day (four hours) or full day (eight hours), depending on the complexity of the issue and the number of parties involved.

  • Who can mediate?

    Our team of mediators are experienced in building matters and accredited by a professional body, such as the Arbitrators’ and Mediators’ Institute of New Zealand (AMINZ), the Resolution Institute or the NZ Law Society. Many also have legal qualifications. Depending on your needs and situation, we can recommend the best fit for you.

  • What are the benefits?

    Quick – it usually takes around a week to get everything arranged.

    Cost effective – our dispute resolution service is significantly cheaper than involving lawyers or court proceedings

    Resolve conflict – reach an agreement that works for you.

    Restore relationships – reopen communication and move forward.

    Choice – choose the time, date and venue for your meeting.

    Privacy – all matters discussed are confidential and remain private