Conciliation for ACC matters

Resolve your ACC dispute through conciliation

Fair Way provides two pathways for your dispute with ACC – we can review ACC’s decision, or help you find a resolution through conciliation using one of our independent and impartial conciliators.

We recommend trying conciliation as a first step, before going through the review process.

What is conciliation?

  • Conciliation is a type of mediation – it’s a way of resolving issues through conversation. One of our highly skilled Fair Way conciliators supports you to explore the issues with ACC, and reach an agreed solution together. Fair Way’s conciliators are experts in ACC-related matters, so during the conciliation process they can suggest ways to settle the dispute.

  • 83% of our conciliation cases in 2022/23 were fully or partially settled.

The ACC conciliation process

  • Get in touch with Fair Way

    Contact Fair Way by phone, email or online to get started. We then contact ACC to invite them to join the conciliation process.

    Get in touch Process
  • Have a chat with us

    Once we hear back from ACC, we get in touch with you. You can share your details, ask questions, choose a conciliator and find out more.

    Chat with us
  • Meet the conciliator

    We arrange for you to meet with your Fair Way conciliator individually. You can do this by phone, online or in person.

  • Conciliation begins

    Everyone involved meets with Fair Way's conciliator to explore resolution options.

    Conciliation Mediation
  • Agreement

    The conciliator prepares a summary of any agreements reached.

    Agreement decision
  • Unresolved issues

    If any matters remain unresolved after the conciliation process, Fair Way can undertake an independent and impartial review of ACC’s decision about your case.

    No agreement

How does conciliation work?

Your chosen Fair Way conciliator will get in touch with everyone involved to explain the process and next steps. They will cover off all the details - for example, where you will meet, who will be there and what you can expect.

At the conciliation, your chosen Fair Way conciliator guides the conversation so you and the ACC representative can explore the issues together.  Your conciliator listens and works with you and ACC to find a solution you both agree on. 

All Fair Way conciliators have extensive experience and are accredited members of the Arbitrators’ and Mediators’ Institute of New Zealand (AMINZ), the Resolution Institute, or the New Zealand Law Society.

How much does it cost?

The conciliation process is free, so there’s no charge for you to take part. 

It’s important that you have access to dispute resolution services. One of the best practice principles of dispute resolution is that services are user focused and accessible. Fees and charges can be a barrier, so to help improve your access, ACC covers the cost. This means it’s free for you to have your concerns heard during conciliation.

However, you are responsible for meeting your own costs – such as travel or childcare expenses – unless otherwise agreed before the process begins.


  • Extra assistance

    Fair Way is committed to accessibility and meeting diverse needs. We do our best to make the process as easy as possible for everyone to participate. If you have any special requirements, or if we can provide cultural or language support, please let us know as soon as possible so we can make suitable arrangements. 

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