Design and review

Enhance your internal complaints processes

An effective customer complaints system can boost your reputation as a customer-focused and trusted organisation, whatever your business.


All complaints and dispute resolution systems are different – one size does not fit all. As independent experts, we can ask questions and review your processes to help you identify areas for improvement.

If you’re creating a new system, we can provide guidance and expertise to support you to design and implement it.

We work with you to understand your organisation, your goals for setting up a system, and your internal resources. We then design the best complaints and dispute resolution system to meet your business needs.

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  • What happens complaint

    What might be considered?

    During a review or design process, we consider:

      • relevant legislation, sector or industry codes, and your existing policies and procedures
      • the nature of the complaints you receive
      • best-practice complaints management
      • opportunities to resolve issues early
      • how our proposed system can best add value to your business
      • ease of process navigation for all parties
    • Certification

      What are the benefits?

      Your organisation can:

      • call on independent, expert advice
      • identify and learn from complaints
      • resolve issues early and effectively
      • build trust and confidence in your brand
      • mitigate reputational risks
      • demonstrate commitment to your customer

    Knowledge is always valuable

    Feedback from customers is an invaluable source of market research and a business improvement tool. On the other hand, if it’s not managed well and complaints go unaddressed and unresolved, your organisation loses this information – and precious return business.

    As independent dispute resolution experts, at Fair Way we can review your existing systems and processes and/or help you design and implement new ones. It’s all about resolving issues when they arise, keeping your customers happy and keeping them coming back.