Community and neighbours

Our service gets you talking – and everyone back on side

Relationships within your community can be tricky. A disagreement over anything can cause unnecessary stress and anguish, and lasting damage to your relationships.  Sometimes, what started off as a difficult conversation over a minor problem can become a major issue if it is not resolved early.

Disagreements and misunderstandings make productive engagement and positive communication very difficult. When you’re so close to a dispute it can be very hard to see a way forward – to know what to do next.

That’s where we come in. At Fair Way, we have a skilled and experienced team who specialise in resolving disputes. . We help you get your relationships – and your life – back on track without the cost, stress and time of taking your dispute to court.

About us

At Fair Way, we are the experts in dispute resolution. We have a team of professionals across Aotearoa New Zealand who can help you navigate challenging conversations.

We offer a fast and independent service so you can resolve private disputes quickly and move on. With the help of one of our experts, you and the other party or parties may be able to reach a confidential agreement within a few weeks of getting in touch with us.

Our team of facilitators and mediators are experienced and accredited by a professional body, such as the Arbitrators’ and Mediators’ Institute of New Zealand (AMINZ), the Resolution Institute or the NZ Law Society. Many also have legal qualifications. Depending on your needs and situation, we can recommend the best fit for you.

How we can help

  • Facilitation

    Facilitation is a great option to explore issues early and agree actions before they become a serious dispute. An impartial Fair Way facilitator can help host meetings and kickstart effective conversations. They create a process that enables you to share information and perspectives. Their role is to help the people involved communicate constructively – they do not make decisions. Rather, as someone neutral, they keep discussions on track so you can better resolve your own issues.

  • Mediation

    Mediation is a way to resolve a dispute collaboratively. An independent Fair Way mediator helps you navigate challenging conversations.

    They create a safe environment to explore issues, to understand each other’s perspectives and develop options together. The aim of mediation is to work together to find a solution and reach a mutual agreement. Mediation can also help restore communication and repair relationships.


  • Kickstart communication and resolve issues early

    When you know a potential problem is bubbling away, and you suspect that communicating and engaging effectively could become a challenge, getting an experienced facilitator involved early is a valuable move.

    A facilitator is an impartial third party who helps keep everyone talking to find a solution to the issue causing conflict, in as informal and low-key a way as possible.

    Provided early, facilitation helps people explore and reach consensus on issues before positions become entrenched.

    Facilitation can be used for individual matters or wider group settings.

  • Our approach

    • For inter-personal conflict, such as issues between friends or neighbours – our approach is to resolve disputes early by facilitating conversations and restoring communication through a mana-enhancing process that could include a restorative practice approach.
    • For group situations, such as consultation processes or community meetings – our facilitators create the right environment and process for constructive conversations to take place.


  • Fair Way’s mediation expertise helps resolve issues and restore relationships

    Mediation is an excellent way to proactively resolve conflict, prevent issues from escalating and make a positive difference in relationships.

    Our mediators encourage everyone involved to understand each other’s perspectives, talk through the issues and identify mutual interests. That achieved, the focus shifts to developing realistic options and a solution that works for everyone.

    Rather than focusing on a settlement or outcome, Fair Way's mediators focus on relationships and resolutions, empowering people to build positive dynamics that endure for future success.

  • The benefits

    • Choice – choose the time, date and venue for your mediation.
    • Quick – it usually takes around a week or two to get everything arranged.
    • Cost effective – mediation is significantly cheaper than involving lawyers or going to court.
    • Resolve conflict – reach an agreement that works for you.
    • Restore relationships – reopen communication and move forward.
    • Privacy – all matters discussed are confidential and remain private.
    • Prevent – stop the escalation of costly disputes, grievances and settlements.



Examples of community and neighbourhood disputes Fair Way has resolved

  • Neighbours

    • Boundary and access disputes
    • Maintenance and repair arrangements
    • Behaviour or noise issues
    • Common areas or shared use agreements
    • Body corporates and unit title holders
  • Friends and family

    • Dividing shared assets or making access arrangements, such as a joint-owned bach
    • Family events – such as reaching agreement on bereavement arrangements
  • Stakeholder and community engagement

    • Consultation processes
    • Community meetings
    • Planning meetings
    • Stakeholder engagement