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Written by Denise Evans, Principal – Dispute Resolution

Written by Richard Binner, General Manager of Business Development

Written by Bill Rainey, Resolution Practitioner

Global warming and its impact on climate is a problem of enormous significance. How can we as dispute resolution practitioners grapple with its size and make sense of it?

Issued: 9 August 2018

Applications now open for a scholarship package promoting best practice dispute resolution

FairWay Resolution Limited is an organisation centred around leading the prevention and resolution of disputes. As part of their commitment to leading best practice dispute resolution, FairWay are awarding a scholarship package worth over $10,000.

Written by Matthew Gale, recipient of the 2015 FairWay Resolution Anne Scragg Scholarship

FairWay introduces innovative new service to New Zealand

Most of us have experienced some issues at work before. Employees can experience any number of issues ranging from concerns about management or performance practices to difficult working relationships and questions about business practices and procedures.

Issued: 10 July 2018

FairWay is contracted by ACC to provide an independent dispute resolution service. As part of this service, FairWay reviews decisions made by ACC.

The media has recently published allegations that the independence of this service is compromised because ACC sets Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in its contract with FairWay, and provides feedback to FairWay on individual reviews. We reject any suggestion FairWay’s service lacks independence.

Written by Simon Dadley-Moore

Preparation For Mediation (PFM) is an integral part of FairWay’s FDR service. It has a proven record of increasing the likelihood of parties reaching agreement in mediation. It has been so successful that FairWay are now utilising the PFM service in other areas of their dispute resolution business. So what is PFM and why is it so successful?