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Last weekend as I was scurrying around the supermarket checking off ingredients, I came across a lemon cheesecake flavoured milk that made me stop and think- how on earth can you combine lemons and milk without making the final product curdle? (Preservatives, additives and flavouring instead of using actual lemons didn’t cross my mind at the time).

The FairWay team will be available across the Christmas and New Year period, except for the official statutory days.

You can reach us by phone on 0800 77 44 22 or by email at fairwayinfo@fairwayresolution.com across this period.

Christmas Opening Hours: Mon 24 December:

08:00 – 17:00

Tue 25 December – Wed 26 December:


Thurs 27 December – Fri 28 December:

08:00 – 17:00

We asked four different professionals to share their opinions on whether the breakdown of the family is a legal or social matter.

Kate Lash

Kate has a background in family law, is an accredited lawyer for child and FDR provider.

In New Zealand, we all know that we have unacceptably high child abuse rates, family violence rates, suicide rates and incarceration rates. There can be no doubt that families are suffering.  Are broken.

FairWay Resolution Anne Scragg Scholarship – 2018 Winner  

The 2018 winner of the FairWay Resolution Anne Scragg Scholarship is Te Reo O Te Omeka Hau (Ngati Te Rino hapu of Ngapuhi).

Te Reo is an accredited mediator with a passion for resolving disputes through culturally appropriate processes. Based in Northland at Te Aroha Marae in Parakao Mangakahia , Te Reo is currently completing his Masters and his thesis explores how Kaupapa Māori principles are reflected in the current practices of mediators in Aotearoa.