Alice Porter

Resolution Practitioner
0800 77 44 08
Otago, Wellington
Commercial and private disputes, Workplace disputes

Alice Porter has an extensive background of assisting parties to employment disputes work through the issues at hand, to reach agreed and sustainable solutions.

Having worked as an employment relations specialist for a range of employers in both the UK and New Zealand, Alice quickly recognised the value of mediation in resolving many types of employment issues, particularly when used at an early stage in situations showing signs of an increasingly difficult or disruptive relationship.  She became an accredited mediator in 2014, and has conducted a range of workplace and commercial mediations since then, alongside her work in delivering HR and ER support to businesses and advocating for employer and employee clients.  Alice draws on her experience of providing HR support across a wide range of industries to assist the parties in dispute to identify workable options, and think through the practicalities of possible solutions, in a workplace context.

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