Cilla Dickinson

Resolution Practitioner
0800 77 44 20
Voice of Child Specialist, Family dispute resolution (FDR), Relationship Property

I have been mediating family disputes since early 2010. I received appointments from the Family Court to mediate in cases where there were Family Court proceedings. My professional background as a Family Lawyer provides a helpful context to my practise as a mediator. I specialise in issues involving children; such as care arrangements, care and protection, guardianship disputes, cases involving violence, relocation etc. I receive appointments from the Family Court as a Lawyer for Children (since 2005). My careers have always had children and families as a focus.  Prior to practising law, I was a Primary School and Early Childhood Teacher and then a Tutor in early childhood education.  

Mediation is an excellent process for parents and family to engage in to resolve issues about their children.  As a Mediator, I am very positive about the process as it is forward looking and focuses on coming up with solutions rather than staying in the past and becoming more entrenched in positions and differences. 

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