Jenny Hill

Resolution Practitioner
0800 77 44 20
Bay of Plenty
Voice of Child Specialist, Family dispute resolution (FDR)

Jenny works as a mediator and counsellor and has offices located in the Main Mount Shopping Street, 190B Maunganui Rd, Mt Maunganui.

Jenny specialises in working with relationships and families, and has a passion for assisting separated parents create harmony during this difficult transition time. She helps the separated adults understand and focus on the needs of the children, and so assists the parents to find a way where they are able to work together with a mutual focus on raising healthy, happy and therefore more functional children.

Jenny has worked as a counsellor since 2008, and has been involved in family mediation work since 2009, initially through the Family Court counselling system, and now with the new FDR system contracted to Fair Way.

Jenny has 3 children who were aged 5, 7 and 9 when her separation occurred, and these children are now able young adults in their 20’s. Jenny has a firm belief that if separation is carried out in a supportive and co-operative manner then children can thrive and be successfully raised in the separated parent environment. Jenny is passionate about mediating and assisting families to achieve effective and positive parenting outcomes.

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