Margaret Flanagan

Resolution Practitioner
MA, Dip Tchg, Dip Ed, (UOC) Cert Ed Specialist in Adolescent and Family issues ( UNM)
0800 77 44 20
Voice of Child Specialist, Building and construction disputes, Family dispute resolution (FDR), iStudent Complaints, Workplace disputes

Margaret works in Mediation, Facilitation, Training and Counselling. She has had 26 years of experience providing mediation, facilitation and training to individuals, businesses, Government Departments and Schools both in New Zealand and the United States. She is also trained in Restorative Processes in education and employment. Alongside her work as a counsellor, Margaret has maintained a private practice in mediation focussing on Family and Employment Mediation.

Margaret trained as a mediator in the USA in a victim/offender mediation programme. Back in New Zealand she trained in the Conflict Partnership Process. Currently Margaret provides mediation for Fair Way Resolution, is a contract mediator for Mediation Services and also operates her own private practice. Margaret was a founder member of the Youth Mediation Initiative in the early 90s and also the Conflict Partnership Service of Aotearoa.

Because of her work in at Aranui High School, Margaret knows how to work in a multi cultural environment. Her time living in the Southwest of the United States further accustomed her to working with cultural differences.

Specialty Areas

Understanding children and adolescents, facilitation of group problem-solving, employment and family mediation, community conferencing, provision of professional development  in communication and conflict resolution.

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