Tracy Scott

Resolution Practitioner
Voice of Child Specialist, Family dispute resolution (FDR)

Tracy is an accredited Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) mediator. She is also a Voice of Child Specialist.

She has completed a Masters in Conflict Resolution/Community Change and Civic Leadership from Antioch University in Yellow Springs, Ohio and is a Resolution Institute Accredited Mediator.

Tracy spent her initial years as a mediator in the United States.  During that time Tracy conducted hundreds of hours of mediations as a Family Court Certified Mediator and trainings in her role as the Training Coordinator for the Community Mediation Centre, the only not-for-profit mediation centre and leading mediation trainer in South Eastern Virginia.  Tracy presented mediation focused trainings at the Virginia Mediation Network Spring Conference, North Carolina Mediation Network Conference and the National Conference on Community Peacemaking. 

Tracy is passionate about working within culturally diverse environments, developing resilience skills and increasing capacity to manage and address conflict effectively. While in America Tracy worked on many at-risk-youth and inner city programmes.

In New Zealand, Tracy started her own training and mediation company, Resolve Consultancy. Over the past 13 years, Tracy has been engaged as a mediator, trainer and coach for a variety of Government Departments, community organisations and businesses, including youth resiliency and peer mediation programmes in schools in the South Island.