Employee Liaison Service

Employee Liaison Service (ELS) is a confidential, off-the-record place to turn to when you are experiencing issues at work.

About ELS

Employee Liaison Service (ELS) is an informal support service for employees to reach out to. Organisations sign up to our service and we help their employees to navigate through issues or advise them on the options that are available to them.

Our people are highly skilled in effective conflict resolution, including creative-problem-solving, coaching, values-based decision-making, facilitation, and mediation. Our experts are available to assist as often as you need and in ways that best suit you and the issue you are dealing with.

This service is operated by FairWay and is completely independent of your workplace. The four key elements of ELS are that it is neutral, independent, confidential and impartial. We will not provide any personal details about you or the issue you are experiencing to your employer. We only provide your organisation with high-level, anonymised reports and information on organisation-wide trends.

How ELS works

If you have a work-related issue and you would like to talk to someone, ELS is here to help.

Here is outline of the ELS process:  

1. Get in touch

Contact ELS using our webform or freephone ELS on 0800 35 55 55.

2. Talk to an ELS coordinator

Our ELS Co-ordinators have strong experience in working with conflict issues and early resolution skills. Through a brief discussion, they will ensure that you understand how ELS works, and they will also ask you for some basic information about you and the issue you are dealing with. The Co-ordinator will also answer any questions you may have. This can include asking about other resources available to you within your organisation. 

The Co-ordinator will then set up a time so that you can speak confidentially with your Liaison Practitioner. Initial appointments are usually an hour, but we can adjust according to your availability, and we will do our best to accommodate your schedule. You do not have to tell us your name or any identifiable information; however, we will need a way to contact you.

3. Meet your Liaison Practitioner

By telephone or video conference (whatever your preference), your Liaison Practitioner will help you:

  • Clarify the issues at stake
  • Uncover your core interests, and the interests of others
  • Brainstorm and then evaluate options, and
  • Coach you on any difficult conversations that you might have to have.

This may take place over several sessions. Your Liaison Practitioner will be guided by you and what you need (and when you need it). 

Typically, after speaking with a Liaison Practitioner, employees feel confident that they can address their issue directly and proactively, and through the normal channels of resolution within your organisation.

In some cases, if the visitor requests it, ELS can also help:

  • Look informally into policies or procedures with you, and
  • Facilitate a voluntary conversation with others (with the permission of all involved).

Start the process

Contact ELS using our webform or freephone ELS on 0800 35 55 55.

Use this form to contact Employee Liaison Service (ELS).
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