Workplace Services

Most people will experience conflict in the workplace at some point. It is inevitable.

If not managed well, conflict will cost your organisation. It can lead to impaired productivity, performance issues, reduced sales, toxic team environments, grievances, terminations and high staff turnover – all of which can result in significant costs to your business.

At Fair Way, we believe there can be a different outcome. Employers across Aotearoa partner with us to proactively improve wellbeing, build internal capability and positively address conflict. 

From coaching, training and facilitation, through to mediation, impartial reviews and expert assistance, we guide you through challenges and provide you with the tools and capability so you can grow your skills. We resolve conflict collaboratively and ensure the integrity of your processes when issues do escalate.

Fair Way’s team of accredited conflict management professionals use best practice dispute resolution techniques and are specialists in workplace matters. Our services are built on independence and impartiality. We support you and your people to make impossible conversations possible.

Fair Way’s Workplace Services are centred on mahi tahi – working together, collaborating, cooperating – the foundations for any successful team.

If you would like to find out more about our Workplace Services, please use the links below, download our brochure or get in touch via the webform.

Kāpehu is a coaching service focused on solutions.

It is a safe space to talk about work, create a plan and get guidance. Anyone experiencing a challenge can benefit from a conversation with Kāpehu — including people leaders and managers of all tiers.

A safe and independent channel that ensures your people can voice concerns.

Speak Up @ Fair Way is a confidential, external complaints service. It helps your people to raise sensitive issues or concerns they have about behaviours or actions in the workplace.

Fair Way offers a range of bespoke and general training programmes delivered by experienced practitioners using insights from our real life experience.

Broken workplace relationships can create a toxic environment for the wider team. Our approach is to resolve disputes early by facilitating conversations and restoring communication through a mana-enhancing process which could include a restorative practice approach.

We provide private mediation services so you can proactively resolve conflict, prevent issues from escalating and make a positive difference. 

We can conduct a review or investigation for any workplace matter, providing you with an independent report and recommendations. Bringing in Fair Way ensures the integrity of the process and findings.

When matters escalate, formal processes may be called for. Fair Way can provide experts to support your internal processes, especially in situations where independence is required such as when senior peers, partners or co‑owners are involved in the matter.