Can a review hearing be adjourned?

Yes. If the review hearing is adjourned, that means it will be delayed. If anyone cannot come to a hearing on the scheduled date, they need to let FairWay Resolution know in writing before that date to explain why and ask for the hearing to be delayed.

You should clearly explain:

  • why you cannot attend the hearing (for example, because of a family bereavement or illness); and
  • the earliest date you are available for a new hearing.

The reviewer will then consider the request and whether any of the other parties either agree or disagree with the delay. The hearing can only be delayed – ‘adjourned’ – by the reviewer. If the hearing is adjourned, FairWay Resolution will send a letter to all parties explaining why. In most cases, a new hearing date will be provided.

It’s important to note that not all requests to adjourn a review hearing are granted, and everyone should be prepared to go ahead with the hearing on the scheduled date. If the parties cannot agree to a hearing date and time, the reviewer will choose a new date and time.

Please note that adjourning the review hearing before it has started is different from adjourning a review hearing that has already started. If the review hearing has already started and is adjourned by the reviewer, that is called a “part-heard” adjournment and is discussed in the The Review Hearing section of this booklet.