About us

Who we are

Fair Way is New Zealand’s leading dispute resolution and conflict management organisation. We specialise in solving problems, making impossible conversations possible, and helping people in conflict to move forward.

Here are some of the ways we do this:

  • Adjudication

  • Conflict coaching

  • Complaint handling

  • Arbitration

  • Employee liaison service

  • Dispute resolution schemes

  • Conciliation

  • Mentoring

  • Online dispute resolution

  • Facilitation

  • Preparation for mediation

  • System design

  • Mediation

  • Training

  • Workplace investigations

Our purpose

Leading the prevention and resolution of disputes.

Our values

Our fundamental values are to pursue excellence in all we do through:

Professionalism - Providing a high quality service that meets customer expectations and professional standards, ensuring customers have trust in the fairness of our services.

Integrity - Upholding ethical standards and communicating in an open, honest and transparent way. Always focussed on the health and safety of our people and customers.

Collaboration - Seeking opportunities to work in teams towards shared objectives, knowledge, and success.

Fairness - Abiding by objective standards, allowing full participation in our processes, and giving all voices an opportunity to be heard.

Empathy - Acknowledging where people are coming from and identifying their needs by asking, listening and clarifying. Demonstrating respect to one another and our customers, acknowledging difference, and encouraging diversity.

What we do

Fair Way Resolution Limited is an independent, employee-owned company providing specialist conflict management and dispute resolution services. Fair Way employs around 70 staff and contracts with over 110 specialist reviewers and dispute resolution practitioners (adjudicators, reviewers, mediators and conciliators) throughout New Zealand.

Fair Way handles over 16,000 cases each year — of all kinds and levels of complexity, including medical, insurance, financial services, telecommunications, family, local government, building and construction, school and workplace disputes. Our dispute resolution experience underpins our conflict management expertise in all parts of the conflict management cycle — prevention, management, resolution and analysis of conflict.

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