ACC Reviews and Dispute Resolution

What to expect from FairWay's services

What to expect from FairWay's services

ACC helps injured New Zealanders and visitors to recover from accidents, including covering the costs of treatment, support and income.

If an ACC customer is unhappy with a decision made by ACC, FairWay can help resolve their dispute.

We can help resolve your dispute with ACC in a number of ways:

  • Facilitation: Improves communication between you and ACC by clarifying the issues at dispute.
  • Mediation: Seeks to find an agreement between you and ACC. The Mediator acts as a conduit through which the parties can raise their views without providing advice
  • Conciliation: Searches for a negotiated solution. The Conciliator plays an active role that might include suggestions on possible solutions and ways to settle the dispute  
  • Review: This is the statutory dispute resolution process that consists of a hearing followed by a legally binding decision.

ACC covers the cost of FairWay’s services, but you will need to cover your own additional expenses.

You can read more about the process in the following pages, or by taking a look through our resources.

Use a FairWay Facilitator to assist you in reaching agreement
Use a FairWay mediator to find a satisfactory outcome to your dispute
Find a negotiated solution to your dispute with the help of a FairWay Conciliator
Undertake a legally-binding review of ACC's decision. Find out how to apply, what to prepare for, and information about the hearing, decision and appeal

ACC review hearings take place in nine regional locations around New Zealand and are offered nationally through Zoom, our online videoconference platform.

Find out what costs you will incur, and what you can claim for.

Zoom is FairWay’s online meeting platform.

We will send you information on how to join your Zoom meeting.

Zoom is easy to use and can be downloaded in advance.