ACC and Conciliation

Conciliation seeks to find agreement without going through a legal process.

A conciliator will actively seek to find an agreed solution between all parties.

Contact Fair Way directly (not ACC) to find out more about conciliation.

Resolve your dispute with ACC through a conciliation process

Conciliation explores ways to settle disputes by agreement.  In a nutshell conciliation can be defined as the search for a negotiated solution.

How does conciliation work?

Conciliation is a voluntary process whereby the parties agree to enter discussions to resolve a dispute.

Unlike review proceedings conciliation is less adversarial and sees the conciliator play an active role, which often includes suggestions to the parties on possible solutions and ways to settle the dispute. 

If no settlement can be reached, you can still proceed to or continue with the review process.

ACC will meet the costs of Fair Way being involved, including coordinating the conciliation, providing the conciliator and where necessary, providing a venue.

You are responsible for meeting your own costs, unless agreed otherwise.

Fair Way’s conciliators are experts in ACC related matters and ideally suited to assist the parties in their negotiations towards a satisfactory agreement.

Anyone involved in a dispute can request conciliation, but it can only go ahead if all parties agree to it. If you are considering conciliation, we would love to hear from you.