ACC Review

A review is legally-binding, independent review of ACC's decision.

The review process consists of four stages:

The ACC Review Process

If other dispute resolution options cannot help, you can ask for an independent review of your decision.  ACC will notify us, and we will appoint an independent reviewer on your behalf to manage your case.

What is a review?

An ACC review is a legal process where ACC’s decision is independently reviewed.  You can ask ACC for a review instead of mediation or facilitation, or after these were unsuccessful.

An ACC Review is heard by an independent reviewer who considers all evidence provided in the case and makes a legally binding decision to uphold or reject ACC’s position. 

You may wish to appoint a lawyer or advocate to represent you, although this is not a set requirement. 

More information on the ACC review process is found in this website under the following areas:

  • Applying for a review
  • Preparing for a review
  • At the Hearing
  • Decisions and appeals 

Alternatively, you can download our brochure.