Commercial and private disputes

Being in dispute with another party is stressful and distracting from more important aspects of your business or personal life.

At Fair Way, we understand that you want to get on with other things so we provide a fast, expert dispute resolution service for a fixed cost. With the help of an expert mediator, you and the other party may be able to reach a confidential agreement — usually within a few weeks.

About this service

Whether you are a business in dispute with a supplier or another business or neighbours in dispute over a boundary the dispute may be negatively impacting your work, family life and finances. Taking your dispute through the courts might seem like a good idea, but presents stresses of its own. A good option is to use the assistance of an expert mediator in resolving the dispute.

How the process works

You can decide to use a mediator to help resolve your dispute even if you have had advice from your lawyer, or have done quite a lot of preparation for court. The critical thing is that both parties agree to try mediation.

The cost

Before you commit to mediation, we will quote a fixed fee in most circumstances. If the case is something that a fixed fee might not cover we will make sure you know what costs are likely to incur, before they are incurred.

Where to start

To start the mediation process call us on 0800 77 44 08 or email to discuss your case with us. We will talk through the process and assess whether your dispute is suitable for facilitation, conciliation or mediation.

We can assist you to engage the other party, and can give you an indication of the fee based on the information you give us.

Whether you are a Body Corporate Manager in a dispute with a unit title holder or another business, the dispute may be negatively impacting your time and finances. A good option is to use the assistance of a specialist mediator to help resolve the dispute.

Fair Way has a brochure on our commercial and private dispute resolution service.

Please feel free to contact Fair Way if you would like printed copies of the brochure. You can also download and view the brochure by clicking on the file link below.