Cost of the FDR service

You may be eligible for government funding

FDR mediation, family legal advice, and Preparation for Mediation (which your FDR mediator will usually refer you to before any mediation sessions) are free of charge if you qualify for government funding.

If you do not qualify for full funding, you will still be able to access FDR at a cost of $448.50 per person including GST, by using FairWay FDR mediators. 

To find out whether you qualify for government funding call us on 0800 77 44 20 or go to the funding table at the Ministry of Justice website.

To apply for government funding, complete this form and send it to

The cost is shared depending on the number of parties

If you are not eligible for government funding, the fee is shared depending on the number of parties involved. For example if there are two parties, then the cost per party is $448.50 including GST.

Where one party is funded and the other is not, the cost will be $448.50 including GST to the non-funded party.

The FDR Resolution Coordinator can explain the costs to you.

You will need to pay for FDR before you go to the mediation

If you are not funded, the cost of FDR must be paid before the mediation starts. Payment can be made by deposit to FairWay’s bank account at any BNZ branch or you can also pay by internet banking entering account number 02-0108-0402108-01. Please provide your case number and party number in separate fields.

If you would like to pay by credit card, please contact the FDR Resolution Coordinator who can arrange the payment by phone.

Call us on 0800 77 44 20 and talk to one of our FDR Resolution Coordinators.

How does it work if you qualify to have free mediation but the other party is not eligible and won’t pay their half of the fee?

If the other party refuses to pay the fee, mediation cannot go ahead and the mediator will give you an FDR form that explains why you were unable to participate in mediation.

Once you have this form you are able to make an application to the Family Court for help to resolve the dispute. You will need to attach this form when you file your court application papers.

A family legal advice service provider can help explain this process to you and you can find a family lawyer providing this service by going to the Ministry of Justice website or by calling 0800 2 Agree (0800 224 733)

FDR Costs and Cancellation Policy

There are no costs to any party who wishes to contact FairWay to discuss Family Dispute Resolution (FDR), or for FairWay to undertake an initial assessment of a party’s readiness and suitability to participate in FDR. 

If as a result of the parties' initial assessments the FDR Provider decides that FDR is not suitable for the parties, the participating parties will be provided with an FDR Outcome Form referring the family dispute to the Family Court. FairWay’s FDR service is completed at this point, and there is no cost for this form.

Where the FDR Provider considers that the parties are ready and the dispute is suitable for FDR, where one or both parties are not eligible for a government funded service, the cost of participating in FDR is $897.00 per dispute (or $448.50 for an unfunded party). This fee is non-refundable and is payable before the parties meet with their appointed FDR Provider.

FDR mediation begins at the first point of contact between a party and the appointed FDR Provider or Preparation for Mediation Provider. 

If a party wishes a change of FDR Provider, that party may need to demonstrate to FairWay the circumstance which exists that provides concern about the Mediator’s impartiality or independence in the eyes of any of the parties. If a change of FDR Provider is requested and undertaken for any other reason, any hours already undertaken in mediation by the original FDR Provider may not be refunded to the parties.

Late cancellation fees apply to joint mediation sessions, as follows:

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