Commercial rent and lease disputes

Fair Way provides an independent arbitration and mediation service to resolve commercial rent and lease disputes. 

If a business and their landlord cannot agree on rent for a commercial premise or change to an existing lease, arbitration and mediation are quick and cost-effective dispute resolution methods to resolve the disputes. Most commercial lease agreements have dispute resolution clauses which mandate mediation and/or arbitration so that litigation is avoided. It’s worthwhile to check your lease to see whether dispute resolution clauses are included. Fair Way can provide mediation or arbitration that complies with these clauses.  

Here are some of the types of things that can be mediated or arbitrated:

  • Rent relief
  • Rent reductions
  • Lease changes.

Getting started

It’s easy to begin the process with Fair Way. You can get in touch by:

Our friendly team will get in touch with you to discuss your situation.

Why arbitrate?

Arbitration is similar to having a private judge. It is a formal process where an independent person makes a decision on a dispute, governed by the Property Law Act 2007 and the Arbitration Act 1996.

Why mediate?

A mediator can assist you to navigate the dispute and reach an agreement.

Frequently asked questions about arbitrating and mediating commercial rent and lease disputes.
Information and support for arbitrating and mediating rent and lease disputes between commercial landlords and tenants