What does it cost?

Applicants do not pay a fee to FairWay Resolution to handle their reviews. However, applicants need to cover their own expenses to prepare for and attend the review. Some costs may be reimbursed, if the reviewer awards costs to the applicant. The specific amounts of money that can be awarded, and the types of costs covered, are set out in the Reviewer Costs and Appeals Regulations 2002 (as amended).

A reviewer can award costs for legal representation, medical reports, transport costs and other reasonable expenses associated with a hearing.

For example, under current costs regulations:

  • applicants may be awarded up to a maximum of approximately $935 for a specialist medical report;
  • if an applicant hires a lawyer or advocate, the applicant may be reimbursed up to a maximum of approximately $350 for the time the lawyer or advocate spent preparing for the review; and
  • if an applicant has to travel by car to attend the hearing, the applicant can be reimbursed 29 cents per kilometre, up to a maximum amount of approximately $153.

If you want specific information about costs please check with you legal representative, get in touch with FairWay Resolution or go to the legislation.govt.nz website.