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Fair Way has a range of services to help prevent and resolve conflict in the workplace

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Workplace conflict

At Fair Way, we understand the impact that conflict can have on an organisation and its employees. In 2014, Fair Way launched research into conflict in the workplace. This research found that one in four workers had experienced conflict in the last year that affected their productivity.

The research found an overarching theme of workplace conflict seriously damaging relationships, causing stress and affecting the overall financial performance of organisations. 

Our services

Fair Way works with employers and employees to prevent and resolve conflict in the workplace. We offer a range of services including:

  • Employee Liaison Service - an informal and confidential support service for employees to reach out to.  Please click here to access the service.
  • Managing conflict - our model involves a mixture of conflict coaching, mediation preparation (including individual discussions pre-mediation) and facilitated, collaborative meetings. Our focus is on educating and equipping employees and workplaces with the skills to manage current and future conflict.
  • Team workshops - we provide a range of workshops services to build conflict management skills, including de-escalating conflict and managing difficult conversations. 
  • Workplace investigations - independent investigations into workplace misconduct.

Want to know more?

For more information about our workplace services, please email workplace@fairwayresolution.com


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