Building and construction disputes

Fair Way helps people involved in building and construction disputes resolve issues and get relationships back on track. We help resolve issues arising from contracts and construction issues such as communication, quality, payment and design.

Depending on the nature and value of the dispute at hand, Fair Way provides a range of appropriate resolution paths. Call us on 0800 77 44 02 or see the information below.

A free and independent early facilitation service for homeowners to work through any concerns with a registered Master Builder.

Keep building projects moving forward with independent mediation.

Under the Construction Contracts Act 2002, you can refer a dispute to be determined by an adjudicator. Fair Way is an Authorised Nominating Authority who can appoint appropriately qualified, trained and impartial adjudicators to determine construction disputes.

Arbitration is similar to having a private judge. An independent person makes a decision on the building or construction matter.