Master Builder disputes

Communication is the key to keeping building projects moving forward. Fair Way provides a free and independent early facilitation service for homeowners to work through any concerns with registered Master Builders. 

About this service

Early facilitation allows builders and homeowners to work through an issue at an early stage. Early facilitation takes place with Fair Way by phone and email. 

How the process works

Early facilitation is a process that helps both parties to clarify the current issues, to understand each other's perspective, and encourages both homeowner and builder to provide options and solutions to reach resolution. 

The facilitator is a neutral third party and does not take sides with either the homeowner or the builder. The facilitator does not make decisions or provide legal advice. 

We have found facilitated early discussions can help in moving the parties towards a resolution of their dispute.

The cost

There is no cost for early facilitation. This service is provided by the Registered Master Builders Association (RMBA) to assist builders and homeowners to resolve issues and to get back on track at an early stage in a dispute. 

We can also provide mediation and other services at an additional cost.

Where to start

To start the early resolution process, register here or please call us on 0800 77 44 02