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Written by Rhys West

When I was asked this month to provide a few thoughts on leadership, I had a brief moment of hesitation. Not because of any absence of things to say or share, but because it often feels to me like one of those topics that gets bandied about a lot.

Written by Denise Evans

This is not an article about the issues at Ihumātao as I am not competent to write such a piece without a whole lot more education and knowledge.  I am writing this piece as something to spark a conversation about the difference between settlement of disputes and resolution of conflict.

Written by Isabel Aldiss

Sam Harris, philosopher, neuroscientist and author, says that mental well-being is a skill which can be learnt once we know the mechanisms to start.  This article will build on the earlier ideas of the well-being journey that I outlined in my last article.

Did you know that Fair Way provides several services which are free for consumers in many cases? Here are five of the ways that Fair Way can help resolve your dispute today.

ACC Reviews and Dispute Resolution

If an ACC customer is unhappy with a decision made by ACC, Fair Way can help resolve their dispute.

Featuring Denise Evans 

Fair Way’s Principal, Dispute Resolution features in this Stuff article on workplace disputes and mediation.

Click here to read the article.

24 July 2019

Applications are now open for a scholarship package promoting best practice dispute resolution.

Fair Way Resolution Limited is a leader in the development and delivery of services that prevent and resolve  disputes.  As part of its commitment to leading best practice dispute resolution, Fair Way are awarding a scholarship package worth over $10,000.

Sometimes you need to have difficult conversations. Here is some advice from Chris Pickering, Client Manager in Fair Way’s Commercial Services.  

When working with stakeholders and dealing with clients, difficult conversations are inevitable and you must be prepared to deal with them. Swiftly and effectively resolving disputes is in everyone’s best interest, both in terms of economic and social wellbeing.

01 July 2019

ACC have announced today the process for handling customer reviews is changing and it is the intention that these changes will make it easier for issues to be resolved as early as possible.