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Written by Jennifer Mahony for Stuff

Stuff has published an article written by Fair Way’s Jennifer Mahony on workplace bullying and organisational approaches to tackling bullying.  

Written by Isabel Aldiss

With winter fast approaching and given SAD (seasonal affective disorder) is actually a thing some of us will be starting to sense, I thought I would share what I have found useful to positively impact my well-being. And when it comes to my well-being, stress is a real factor and so this is an article for those of us already stressed as winter approaches.

Not all Family Dispute Resolution mediations involve two parents. In this case study, the mother and grandmother of a child decided to use Family Dispute Resolution.

Written by Keri Morris

Written by Jennifer Mahony

“That’s not fair!” screamed Elliot from the back seat of the car.  He kicked the seat in front of him for good measure. 

Written by Trevor Slater

Proposed changes to the Property Relationships Act 1976 – will it be more fair?

Written by Denise Evans – Principal, Dispute Resolution

Written by Richard Binner, Chief Client Officer

Written by Claire O’Connell

When people find out that much of my role is connected to privacy; it can stop a conversation in its tracks. It is assumed that it is all doom and gloom; only reacting to situations where things have gone wrong. However; that is not the case.