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Crown-owned company Fair Way Resolution Limited has announced that it has completed 1000 Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) mediations on behalf of the Ministry of Justice since the Family Court Reforms took effect last year.

Two Kapiti men are helping to develop links in the district that will see dads better supported on the road to positive parenting.

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The recent High Court decision of Gordon v Campbell [2015] NZHC 1264 PER Duffy J raises some very interesting issues for FDR Providers who may receive a request from a parent who has, for whatever reason, had no contact with a child for an extended period or may in fact have had no contact ever with a child since its birth.

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I invite you to consider the negative consequences of a rights/power approach to relationships and conversations. And to consider how you use the power that you most likely hold. I also invite you to consider the consequences of a “power over” relationship.
As Spring approaches, the trees in Christchurch start to bloom again, daffodils fill the many green spaces in the city, new buildings are rising from the ground, strengthening and repair of damaged buildings is occurring and there is a sense of a city coming to life. In the suburbs, repairs and building of some truly remarkable new homes is occurring and yet, there are still many thousands of people who are locked in conflict between them, their insurers, EQC and in some cases builders and other trades people who have completed repairs.

During September Fair Way will change the way we survey customers. Fair Way has engaged the services of an independent research company for this purpose. As part of the change we will move to a continuous monitoring and dashboard reporting system that uses consistent measures across all of the services we provide.

Have you ever wondered what mediators might see if they stood up and straightened their backs? I've observed many hundreds of mediations, both real and simulated. And almost universally, for most of the time the mediators' have been head down and bottom up digging for gold. And good on them, because there is often gold hidden in that darkest crevasse or right at the bottom of the hole. But the gold might not always just exist at the bottom, nor the truth. Gold can be found on the surface.
Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) has been in place for 15 months. This paper asks the reader to consider what we might have learned from the introduction of FDR and to lift our vision to look at the possibilities for dispute resolution in family matters in other areas of law and in the future.

Fair Way Resolution Limited is hosting a workshop in Christchurch (Thursday 30 July) on pragmatic approaches to resolving intractable disputes in post-quake Christchurch.

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