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Fair Way Resolution’s Board of Directors has established the $10,000 Fair Way Resolution Anne Scragg Scholarship to encourage continuing professional development within the dispute resolution profession. The scholarship package includes a cash contribution of up to $10,000 towards further study/research and is awarded annually, starting in 2015.

Denise Evans, Business Director: Social Services

The consensual resolution of disputes in a professional, timely and appropriate manner is fundamental to keeping businesses going. Early intervention usually produces the best results and is certainly likely to have the lowest cost.

Recently, we have seen an increasing interest in resolving disputes through alternative dispute resolution (ADR) in New Zealand and around the world. This trend has become more important as we see growing congestion and delays in court proceedings. The survey of Fortune 1000 in-house lawyers reveals an important evolution in corporate sector practices in dispute resolution. A dwindling few major corporations continue to embrace litigation as a broad policy, while many more are increasing their emphasis on alternatives.
Relationships are one of the most difficult things we do, and life is all about relationships. There is hardly an aspect of our lives that does not rely on an interdependent relationship with someone. And where there are people and interdependent relationships, there is bound to be conflict. There is a good chance that a lot of that conflict will be with people at work, because there is plenty of opportunity. The statistics are consistent about how much of our life is spent at work, it’s a whopping 90,000 hours or one third of our entire awake working life!
New consumer protection regulations authorised by the Building Act 2004 (Part 4A), introduced in January 2015, have boosted protection for consumers when engaging building contractors. The fact that you now need a written residential building contract for any building works over $30,000 has changed the landscape for many projects.
Comparing the way that New Zealand organisations and individuals go about resolving their disputes to others internationally is an interesting exercise. I recently attended a conference in Seattle of the American Bar Association on dispute resolution. While this was a large conference with many excellent ideas and presentations, I came away with three major observations.
ACC Minister Nikki Kaye today announced the reappointment of three directors to the board of crown company Fair Way Resolution Limited.

The death of a person can create significant stress for families and other people who are involved in making arrangements for any ceremony which marks the passing of that person.

An article written by Denise Evans, Scheme Director of Fair Way’s Commercial and Private Dispute Resolution service

'It is inevitable in our mediation and dispute resolution work that we occasionally have a cause to pause, and to reflect on a particular intervention, question or action that we are about to make, and ask ourselves some questions.'

An article written by Bruce Cottrill, General Manager: Consulting, Fair Way Resolution Limited

An article written by Denise Evans, Scheme Director of Fair Way’s Family Dispute Resolution service.

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