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In this article Senior Resolution Practitioner Samantha de Coning looks at what transitioning to our ‘New Normal’ means for mediators and parties to a mediation.

Updated 28 April 2020 

Fair Way remains open for business at Alert Level 3.  

Since the initial lockdown, the Fair Way team have been working from home and delivering services through our virtual office. 

What does a virtual office mean? 

As ANZAC Day 2020 approaches, it will be an historic day as we stand at dawn in our locked down bubbles listening to the radio.  In light of this historic event Fair Way’s Denise Evans and Bruce Reid decided to reprise an article they wrote in 2018,  exploring again the themes of war, conflict and learning from mistakes of past during the current pandemic.

Denise Evans monthly ‘making of a mediator’ blog series is aimed at dispute resolution professionals. Each month, she will explore different topics and share her own reflections as a mediator.

Anyone can do a course and learn the skills required to become an accredited mediator however it takes much more than that to really become a mediator.  One of the most fundamental ingredients of becoming and being a mediator is that you have to truly know yourself.

Case studies are a great opportunity to learn. In this case study, after a two-year delay, the design and contract for a building project were no longer fit for purpose. Fair Way was approached by the builder, who had incurred significant additional costs during the building project.


Written by Chris Pickering

The Trusts Act 2019 is the first major overhaul of NZ trust law in generations, replacing the 1956 Act. The stated purpose of the Act is to restate and reform New Zealand trust law by—

We are going through some very difficult and challenging times - as a community, our families and businesses are trying to do their best. With the pressures many are facing it is important to know that there are many organisations that can provide support and help. 

Written by Nurit Zubery – recipient of the 2019 Fair Way Resolution Anne Scragg Scholarship

You may be familiar with the phenomenon of when you come across a truly worthy idea, it keeps popping up in various places in your life, in different and often non-related contexts, as if trying to draw your attention or ascertain its value. This happened to me over the last decade with the idea of ‘Create the Space’.

Written by Davinnia Tan, Resolution Practitioner

Adversity is defined as a difficult or unpleasant situation.

An opportunity is defined as a time or set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something.

The operative word in the definition of ‘opportunity’ is “possible to do something” – this implies that action is required for opportunity to be realised.