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Written by Keri Morris – Client Director

Written by Sharanya Komahan, Resolution Coordinator

All of us are here for a reason and even though everybody’s reason may differ, the essence of what drives us is the same. We all take a journey searching for meaning in life, part of this journey is to find an occupation that makes us happy. It is important that work brings us satisfaction but with any job, stress comes along with it.

October 18 is Conflict Resolution Day.  While conflict happens near and far, conflict in the family can impact the personal wellbeing of every family member. It may have long lasting and severe impacts on children and young people. Children, who are at the centre of bitter day to day care and contact battles, may not be at the centre of the decision-making process. Children and young people need love and support from both parents, as they adjust with new family circumstances.

Written by Richard Binner for Employment Today Magazine

FairWay’s Richard Binner has published an article entitled ‘Hooray For Conflict’ in the October 2018 edition of Employment Today which covers a wide range of HR management and employment law topics.

The 2018 Australia & New Zealand Education Law Association (ANZELA) Conference is being held in Cairns this week and the theme is ‘Capricorn and Beyond: New Frontiers in Education and Law.’

Written by Keri Morris, Client Director of FairWay’s Family Services

The old saying ‘prevention is better than the cure’ applies as much to relationships as it does medicine.

Applying this approach to conflict management, we assist organisations to build their skills to both prevent disputes from occurring and to minimise the severity of any conflict that does arise.

We work with organisations to deliver training and conflict coaching that meets their needs, including training around complaints handling, managing difficult conversations and de-escalating conflict.

Our partners at Portia (formerly Ebborn Law) have been presented a White Camellia award for their work promoting gender equality.

The White Camellia awards celebrate organisational commitment to the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs), and the awards are a UN Women and UN Global Compact initiative which encourages gender equality in the workplace.

Why the need to fix the in Court part of the reforms should not mean wholesale change for the out of Court Family Dispute Resolution service

Written by Keri Morris